Strong Rigid Core: The Future of Flooring

Rigid core has been an industry sales driver for the better part of a decade, and it’s no wonder: waterproof performance, easy click installation and dent resistance are just a few of the attributes that are helping this category succeed. 

Rigid core products in general drive growth because they involve less prep, are easy to install, and overall lead to less disruption in the home during installation. Rigid core tiles are expected to continue to grow throughout 2021.

Rigid core is gaining traction thanks to its visuals which are at the same level as hardwood and its strong performance capabilities at a lower price. Rigid core products remain in high demand with many of today’s consumers, thanks to their ultra-realistic visuals and effortless care and maintenance. 

While SPC is a go-to choice for Main Street and high-traffic installs, WPC may continue to gain traction thanks to its sound and comfort benefits, which are perfect for those who are still spending more time at home.

Of the two most popular rigid core formats, SPC has recently been getting a lot of attention as a format that can do it all. The investments in new manufacturing and R&D have been leaning toward SPC. Manufacturers and suppliers as a whole see SPC as the future the consumer is shifting toward.

SPC is quickly becoming the rigid floor construction of choice due to its increased indentation resistance, exceptional dimensional stability, wider temperature ranges, and longer installations without transitions

 It is the right product and at the right price point for most consumers yet does not lack in performance. As more contractors begin to trust the product in their projects it is gaining “street cred” with key decision makers, contributing to its growth.

SPC is a tough one to beat, especially as the colour selection and visuals continue to improve. There will always be a customer who is completely wedded to hardwood, but the draw of easy-to-clean, pet-friendly, waterproof planks is proving more difficult to ignore.